Canvas/Online Learning

The video series below will help you get started with Canvas. While I try to cover a lot of material in these videos, your BEST resource is the "Canvas Instructor Course" you are all enrolled in inside Canvas (I've linked the course in the text title). That content comes from Canvas experts and is highly polished. Once in that course, you can choose how you want to learn about Canvas and what method. It's really great content!

I've broken the videos into small chunks to make them easier to digest. I'd recommend working through them in order.

1 Getting started - Log in and find courses


2 Getting started - Add a module


3 Getting Started - Content page basics


4 Getting Started - Discussions and publishing


Beyond the Basics

Recording Inside Canvas.mp4

Recording a Video in Canvas

Kate - 1:48

Canvas Assignments.mp4

Assignments - using PDFs, YouTube videos

by Kate - 7:01

Canvas Quizzes.mp4


Kate - 3:31

Discussions and Groups.mp4

Discussion posts and Groups

Kate - 6:57

Using Rubrics.mp4

Using Rubrics

Kate - 4:00

Speedgrader & Syncing to Skyward.mp4

SpeedGrader and syncing grades to Skyward

Kate - 6:20

Copying content between courses

With a sidebar about changing course names - 5:59

Recording a "whiteboard" video using your touch screen PC


Other Tools

Google Meet Basics

coming soon